Sica 5.6


Sica frame for 5 and 6 inch propellers

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Aiming to improve the concept and build a superior Freestyle frame, we developed this platform over several months and iterations.


This platform is perfect as a sturdy entry quad, powerful intermediate freestyler, or can also act as a base for a long range and/or professional filming rig.

Main Features:

  • Sturdy
  • Protected electronics
  • Enough space for all needed components
  • Skinny arms for a low noise and efficient flight performance
  • Weight distribution along the top plate
  • No props in HD GoPro footage!


Size: The frame is built for 5″ props, but it will also take up to 6.1″ if you want to spice it up or go for maximum efficiency (hence 5.6)

Weight: 132g with steel hardware taking 6.1″ props (quality Torx TX10 screws, say no more to stripped hex-keys!);

Durability: This one goes to eleven! Seriously: Sturdy, and crashproof! I wouldn’t fly a frame where i would have to be anxious to not break it!

Agility: The Center of Gravity is in line with the top plate for agility and responsiveness (with 35mm standoffs and 25mm stackheight)

FC mounting options:: There are 20x20mm and 30.5×30.5 stack mount options in the mid and bottom plate for all those custom variations

Stacks: Normal stack height/space is 25mm, but can be shortened to 10mm for this ultra lowrider builds. Higher versions are also possible, just ask via mail!
Further 20×20 mounting options are in the rear top and bottom plate for DVR, FC etc.

FPV Cam Mount:
Mounting Solutions for normal sized cams and also micro cams!
Those mounts are designed as “bumpers” against tree branches, scraggle, grass and other debris.
They also limit the camera angle to a minimum of 25° so you can fly home if the camera is hit in a crash!

Space: room for smaller equipment between mid and bottom plate for RX and VTX (or even a 4in1 ESC if you like tight builds)

Space²: Enough space for everything you need for a full freestyler!

Space³: The top plate is optimized for Gopro and big LiPos but is still streamlined

Efficiency: Streamlined for a Gopro Session 5 and standard Freestyle LiPos, 9 minute round trips at 60-80km/h are no longer just a dream! Up to 10km round-trip flights with 5” Triblade propellers!

#skinnyarms: efficient, strong, silent, durable


I would suggest this Aikon 35A Blehli32 4in1 ESC for 4-6S, wich is very reliable:

Aikon AK32 4in1 35A 2-6S Blheli32

paired with the F4 flightcontroller from Aikon:

Aikon F4 Flightcontroller with OSD

i also like these Xing high kv motors (1800kv for 6S or 2750kv for 4S):

Xing 2207 1700KV 1800KV 2450KV 2750KV

for FPV and longrange Axii, Runcam and VTX:

Lumenier Axii
Rush Tank VTX 0-800mW
RunCam Eagle 2 Pro


There are several TPU parts available for mounting your FPV and HD camera, antennas and landing pads.

Additional information


blue standoffs, black standoffs, red standoffs


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